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Why NNESTs? , , ,

Published 2018.

In the second book in the Legacy Series, Erzsebet Bekes & Marcela Carrasco re-examine the NEST vs NNEST debate and argue that a change in perception is long overdue. To what extent do non-native speakers have other skills that compensate for the less-than-complete language proficiency that is often associated with them? Is the ELT industry ready to leave the native-non-native divide behind and champion equitable employment policies and fair treatment for all?

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ISBN: 9780995670181
Category: Resource Material for Teachers
Author: Bekes / Carrasco
Publisher: Academic Study Kit
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About the author

Erzsébet Békés is a Hungarian English teacher with more than 40 years of ELT experience. As a volunteer, she taught English to North African migrants in Crete, set up Language Improvement Centres in Ethiopia, spent six months teaching English for Tourism

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Marcela Carrasco has been teaching English for over 30 years. Born in Cuenca, Ecuador, brought up in Tehran, Iran, then educated in the United States, Marcela spent her formative years in cultures at odds with each other. As the owner and director of ahugely successful language school in Cuenca,

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