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Keeping our learners in the picture

- Academic Study Kitt

As teachers we strive to empower our learners to develop the language and skills they need to be successful leaders and global citizens. To do this we need a toolkit of stimulating activities.

ASK publications

Academic Study Kit is an award-winning independent publisher, based in the UK. Our mission is to make ripples in the ELT world by developing practical, engaging and inspiring solutions for teachers. Our authors, NNESTs and NESTs, are experts in their field and lead the way in innovative approaches. We strive to empower new ELT writers and mentor them through all stages of the writing process.

Academic Study Kit currently publishes two series of books, ASK Photocopiables; accessible and thought-provoking resource books containing 26 varied activities such as discussions, mini presentations, vocabulary guessing and roleplays. Each activity comes with user-friendly teacher’s notes that outline the language focus, the type of activity level, and timing. Click for sample.

The ASK Legacy Series is a vital addition to any classroom toolkit as it delivers teacher development in a nutshell. Each book provides an introduction to a cutting-edge theme in ELT in a manner that is both accessible and relevant to a variety of teaching contexts. Experienced teaching practitioners succinctly presents their argument in a manner amenable to busy classroom teachers on teacher identity, coaching in ELT, the NNESTs debate and global issues. Click for sample

If you have an idea for an A-Z resource book, why not get in touch and run it by us?