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Julie Pratten

Julie Pratten Julie Pratten has extensive experience in the design of materials for general and business English. She has implemented training programmes in over 25 countries, including Germany, Turkey, Brazil and the UK. More recently, she has turned her attention to global issues and is IATEFL Global Issues SIG Events Coordinator and founder of Heart ELT. Buy her book Continue reading

Rudi Camerer

Rudi Camerer Rudi Camerer has worked in adult education and language testing for many years and is at present Director of a language and intercultural consultancy, elc-European Language Competence, Frankfurt. He is the author of a number of publications on the teaching and testing of intercultural competence. Training materials for secondary school students of English and French developed by elc, which combine the teaching of intercultural competence with foreign language teaching, have been awarded the… Continue reading

Erzsébet Békés

Erzsébet Békés Erzsébet Békés is a Hungarian English teacher with more than 40 years of ELT experience. As a volunteer, she taught English to North African migrants in Crete, set up Language Improvement Centres in Ethiopia, spent six months teaching English for Tourism to members of an indigenous tribe in the Amazonian jungle and gave crash courses in Survival English to nomadic ‘sea gypsies’ while visiting Borneo. Based in Ecuador and working as a teacher… Continue reading

Marcela Carrasco

Marcela Carrasco Marcela Carrasco has been teaching English for over 30 years. Born in Cuenca, Ecuador, brought up in Tehran, Iran, then educated in the United States, Marcela spent her formative years in cultures at odds with each other. As the owner and director of ahugely successful language school in Cuenca, she has lived and breathed multiculturalism. As a bilingual teacher of English and Spanish, her identity is neither – she is one of the… Continue reading

Ben Dobbs

Ben Dobbs Ben Dobbs is an international communication and leadership trainer and coach working with a range of clients internationally. He has delivered training and coaching in numerous countries including Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Switzerland, Italy and the UK. He is also a frequent conference speaker on matters of communication, coaching and culture. In coaching, Ben is interested in working with executives, leaders and academic writers and how organisations can establish coaching cultures. Buy… Continue reading

Michelle Hunter

Michelle Hunter Michelle Hunter is a certified coach and highly experienced Business English teacher. She has designed and implemented various language training courses and workshops for both in-service and pre-service learners in Germany. She has written extensively on business English training and development topics. Recently she combined her teaching experience and coaching knowledge with an MA in Coaching in Education. Continue reading

Helen Waldron

Helen Waldron Helen Waldron started her teaching career in her late teens when she joined the Liverpool adult literacy programme. After three decades running her own in-company language training business in the Hamburg area, she now also coaches and writes. Helen holds an M.Ed. in Applied Linguistics. She is the author of What’s your Teaching Identity? and co-authored A-Z of Global Issues. Buy her book Continue reading

Judith Mader

Judith Mader Judith Mader has worked in many areas of English Language Teaching and testing. She is Head of Languages at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and Consultant at elc-European Language Competence, Frankfurt & Saarbrücken. She has published widely and, with Rudi Camerer, co-authored Intercultural Competence in Business English (Cornelsen 2012). Buy her book now Judith Mader has worked in many areas of English Language Teaching and testing. She is Head of Languages… Continue reading

Shanthi Cumaraswamy

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat is an independent Business English Trainer with a 20-year background in finance. Through her business, English with a Twist, she teaches professionals 1-1 offline through her home stay full immersion courses in the UK and online through her specialist online programs on English and business skills. She is the author of two ebooks: Business English Secrets and Small Talk To Go and an award-winning blogger. Continue reading